About us

Chinanovation is a customisable learning management system designed for the school market. Most modern educators would agree that the way forward for learning is the effective use of technology in the classroom. There is a gap in the market that needs a product like ours, mainly because Governmentsare committed to introducing more IT systems into the classroom. Therein lies a problem. There is a cost issue, but more importantly the lack of expertise to develop, implement and support these systems. In some markets, LMS systems are implemented widely and are supported by well-trained teams of educators and IT specialists.

As most teachers and IT support staff have never used an LMS system they would be unlikely to       know how to develop, implement and support a learning management system.

The Chinanovation platform fills that gap in the market. We can supply, customise and support an       LMS system and train users to get the best from it

The low cost of entry and running a platform this comprehensive platform is attractive to schools –        less than the cost of one text book for each student

Our History

Chinanovation was set up in 2013 and was a produced by the coming together of two worlds – classroom education and high tech information technology. The team behind Chinanovation know both of these worlds extremely and have fused them together in the shape of a learning management system. The Chinese market is an ideal place to launch this business concept as they are developing at incredible speed, this has left a technology gap in the education sector. Chinese schools need IT in the classroom but don’t have the IT experience to successfully implement a system. Chinanovation can implement, support and train Chinese schools – at very little cost to run a successful system.

Global services

Chinanovation is not limited to the Chinese market. An LMS system like our can benefit every student, ever teacher and every institution in the world. In many developed countries schools have already set up and developed their own systems. This has, in many cases, taken a huge investment in hardware and software systems. However the investment doesn’t stop their, schools then have to employ IT staff to support, upgrade and operate their systems. Chinanovation aims to fill that by providing a system that schools can control but it maintained and upgraded by our own experts.

Why choose us

Chinanovation understands technology and they understand how to employ that technology to improve learning outcomes. Successful implementation of IT in the classroom should directly impact the performance of students by making teachers better able to deliver the study material. Subjects are becoming more and more complicated so we need technology to help students understand better. Making material easier to understand and supplying additional tools to cement that understanding is critical for the future of learning.