CNplatform is the core of what we do. We have developed a very stable online learning platform that is very flexible and very adaptable. The CNplatform forms the basis of everything else we do:
  • CNlearn – this runs on the platform and people can sign up online for free courses
  • CNschool – we customise the CNplatform to suit the needs of individual schools, organisation or companies if they want to operate their own eLearning system. The platform can be hosted on their own servers or hosted by Chinanovation in the internet
  • CNcontent – We design eLearning content for organisation who want to improve the way they deliver training. We can out a full needs analysis and then deliver the content either as software packages or running on the CNplatform
  • CNteacher – People who have a small number of students or an organisation wanting to develop its own learning materials can use the CNplatform for delivery of these courses.

School timetabling module

It is a very useful tool and intuitive to use. Schools can make use of the timetabling module that will ensure this task of devising the timetable is as fast as possible with error free timetables.

Reporting system

The reporting engine uses the online gradebook to produce reports in almost any format required. The online gradebook feeds back quality information to the student and teacher. Parents and other users can be given limited access to the system to get the information they require.

personalised dashboard

Each users is given their own personalised dashboard to operate from. This dashboard will only show the information required at that time and will change as the user makes requests with a click of the mouse. It is highly intuitive and has been designed by teachers to be as easy to use as possible.

The system

The system can do many things as it has been designed with schools in mind. No two schools operate the same way therefore the system is designed to be flexible and allows schools to shape it to what they need. Listed below are a few, of the many, key features of the CNplatform. If you require any specific function that is not listed here please contact us and we will do everything we can to implement that for you.

What Teachers can do
  • Upload course content in many different formats; PPT, Word, Excel, Scorm and IMS – and others
  • Set homework and get the system to automatically grade it. The system then report the results to the gradebook so the student is informed about his/her performance immediately.
  • Set projects online so students can get involved with the learning in a more proactive way. Contributing to group work via wikis or in any other form.
  • Communicate with students via the platform safely – no personal information is disclosed and all childcare controls can be implemented by the school
  • Track attendance of students
  • Check how a particular student is performing in all of his/her subjects to discover early the students who need extra assistance
  • Upload an online glossary to help students understand correct usage of terminology
  • Upload extra resources to help students who are keen to expand their understanding. Classroom time is limited therefore teachers can use the platform to effectively point students at extra resources, should they need them – no more hours of searching on the Internet!
  • Set work for students who may be struggling and use the system to track if the resources are being used by the student.
  • Award or deduct house points to motivate students.
What the school can do
  • Monitor and control learning delivery through the platform. Heads of Department can directly supervise the teachers who report to them and ensure that the students are receiving excellent support after school
  • Produce meaningful reports. Reports can produced to give any information and in any format required by the school with the click of a mouse.
  • Attendance can be taken and monitored
  • School timetables can be written on the system using our custom-made timetabling module to take the stress out of this essential task. The timetabling module ensures clash-free and error free timetables every time
  • School administrators can check on the performance of an individual student, a class of students, a year group or the whole school. It can rank students by performance in a subject or it can rank their average performance over all subjects.
  • School can monitor the house point systems in real-time